Southend Connex

At Southend Connex, we are here to help you on a number of issues including:

Research your career choices

To decide what career you would be well suited for, you first need to determine your interests (what you like to do), skills (what you are good at), work values (what is important to you), and personality.

By knowing as much as you can about careers of interest, you are able to narrow your focus and make the best informed decision possible. Read books and resources to learn about the training needed, work environment, salary, and job prospects for the careers you are considering.

Everybody deserves the same chances

We believe that young people who grow up facing poverty, poor living conditions, neglect, abuse and insecurity should still get the best of chances to get an education and a job so that they can have a better future and not rely on crime and drugs in order to survive as adults.

We believe that disability and discrimination is not something that should stop someone enjoying and achieving their dreams.