Playing safe online

Always be truthful about your age, because if you want to report someone for being nasty, people are less likely to trust you if you have lied about something.

BUT, never give out any personal information that allows someone to contact you in the real world or any information that u just don’t want to tell! If someone pressures you into telling them something then they are not a real friend!

How to be a clever chatter online

Have the courage to stop talking to people if they are being nasty or making them feel uncomfortable with their questions, you don’t have to talk to them or tell them anything you don’t want to.
Are truthful about their age but not specific about their location.
Think seriously before meeting someone from the internet, and if they do choose to meet someone, then take an adult with them and meet in a public place.

Report nasty people to their parents and teachers and chat room providers. Some chat rooms have a “report abuse” button which allows you to either send a complaint or connects you directly to the moderator of the chat room.
Open files they are sent in a chat room with anti-virus software
Opt out of sending a picture of themselves to someone else on the Internet and of uploading their picture onto a Public Profile. This is to stop people with bad intentions from being able to recognise them and find them in the real world!
Make sure they never give out information to someone they meet on the internet, that might allow a person to contact them in the real world – like their mobile number, home address or the name of their scho