Helping parents to understand their children

Parents and carers have a great deal of influence over their teenage sons or daughters – even if it may not always seem like that! You can help them with decisions regarding the future direction of their lives: but what happens if you need some help to help them and don’t know where to go for information and advice?

Our focus is helping the youth of the South-End make decisions

Connexions doesn’t just help young people to choose a course or find a job – it’s about much more than that! Making decisions about which GCSE subjects to choose, whether to go to university or which careers to pursue are very important and Connexions can help with all of these issues. But did you know that Connexions could also help your teenager with information and advice about:

Health: disorders, smoking and drinking, drugs, fitness, stress, eating

Money: minimum wage, consumer rights, student loans/debt, tax, benefits.

Relationships: girlfriend problems, bullying, abuse, personal safety, sexuality, family, boyfriend.

Employment : full time, part-time work, apprenticeships, OCN’s & much more.

Citizenship: stereotypes, rights and responsibilities, the law, crime, equal opportunities.

Free time: activities, entertainment, volunteering, sport, leisure

Housing: homelessness, renting or buying property, leaving home, leaving care,

Transport: scooters and motorbikes, travel to school or work, learning to drive, cycling.