Solving your emotional wellbeing issues

Common Problems

Sometimes in our lives we struggle with situations and we can feel confused and alone.Asking for support can be scary and it requires courage to make changes or learn to accept things we are not comfortable with at first. Connex offers confidential support and our young volunteers are available to ensure you are  not alone.

Our happy days are the most important

We all have days when we feel sad, down or depressed. Fortunately most people also have happy, enjoyable and fulfilling days. This is what emotional wellbeing is about. It is how we feel within. When life is going well no-one really gives a second thought – but when things start to have a negative effect on us then we often feel unhappy and notice we don’t cope with tasks as well as normal.

Feeling low, stressed out or depressed affects every part of our lives. You may find it difficult to concentrate, not be able to have fun or a good night’s sleep. Often feeling down may only be short term, but for some young people it may become a normal daily occurance that can get worse.

Getting the help you deserve

Often people write to us expressing how unhappy they are. Sometimes people tell us about how their depression leads to self harm and suicidal thoughts.

Many people find that talking about their problems helps. You may be fortunate enough to have friends who will listen to you but there are many people who feel there is no-one to turn to.

There are many telephone helplines, counselling organisations and groups that are able to help you. They may listen, advise or provide you with information that can help you to cope better. Most helping organisations offer confidentiality so you can be sure no-one else will be told about your problem.

When you’re feeling down who would you turn to for help?