Giving everybody equal opportunities

We believe that young people who grow up facing poverty, poor living conditions, neglect, abuse and insecurity should still get the best of chances to get an education and a job so that they can have a better future and not rely on crime and drugs in order to survive as adults.

We believe that disability and discrimination is not something that should stop someone enjoying and achieving their dreams.

Our simple aim is to work with people to help them make sense of the things that happen to them and around them so that they can use their unique experiences to build a life worth living.

Our work on well-being in education has been game-changing. The range of expert projects we run and specialist partnerships we host show how vital well-being is as the foundation of good learning and achievement for every child.

Changing the way the education system works

We understand how the new landscape of school diversity, of collaboration, of autonomy can contribute to improved outcomes for children and we work to build the knowledge, capacity and practice of those who work with children and families in schools and beyond.

Whatever the level of change in the system the voices, needs and flourishing of children and young people remain at the heart of our approach to improving education policy and practice.