Steps to Choosing a Career

STEP 1: Assess Yourself

To decide what career you would be well suited for, you first need to determine your interests (what you like to do), skills (what you are good at), work values (what is important to you), and personality.

STEP 2: Research Careers

By knowing as much as you can about careers of interest, you are able to narrow your focus and make the best informed decision possible. Read books and resources to learn about the training needed, work environment, salary, and job prospects for the careers you are considering.

STEP 3: Experience Careers

The best way to know if you are going to enjoy a potential career is to gain experience in your chosen field. By talking with people in the field, shadowing people who do what you want to do, and experiencing the work required through an internship, you will find out what is really involved in this career.

Step 4: Analyse

Think about the progress you are making or if you will make any progress in the career you are thinking to choose. It can be very frustrating but planning is the only way you will really be able to achieve your goals. However, to be completely sure about your progress and career choices you may want to look at Clairvoyant for more information.

STEP 5: Decide

After you have been through the last 3 steps, you will beĀ able to decide if it is the career you want to pursue. If it is, you can then begin planning your path for that career. If it isn’t, go back and research and experience other career fields of interest to find the one that is right for you.

STEP 6: Evaluate

After you have started you in a career, you need to periodically evaluate your choice. Do you want to continue in this career field, or are you in need of a career change? If you stay within your career field, determine the steps you need to take to make yourself continually marketable in the field. If you are thinking of a change, it is then time to start the career development process again to see how your interests, skills, work values, and personality have changed and how those changes will affect your career choices.


Building Your Career

Setting off on your career journey

Your career is the variety of experiences of learning and work (both unpaid and paid) that you undertake throughout your lifetime..

Developing your career is not an easy or short process. Our careers are influenced by many things, such as our age, our gender, and our ability. Our careers are also influenced by our families and our cultural values. Chance also plays a part.

But it is up to you to plan, build and manage your lifelong career journey. You are the person best suited to make choices on the basis of your own skills, knowledge, interests, personal circumstances and preferences. However, you will not be alone. Be open to those who can help and support you along the way, and offer your help and support to others as well.

You will need to be flexible. In the 21st century, very few people will have a job or occupation for life. It is very difficult to go through life without changing, growing and learning. It is important, however, that you actively manage this process as much as possible, rather than just letting it happen.